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BGCAP - Thank You Letters (Weatherization)

To Blue Grass Community Action from an Anderson County resident:
I would like to take the opportunity to say what a wonderful program the weatherization program is and what it has meant to our family especially my Uncle. Last year he lost his wife of 50 years to a sudden death and lives in the old family homeplace that is over 70 years old. The house is two story and in a lot of need of repair.
The windows were so drafty they would make the curtains move, the second floor is not even accessible to him anymore as he can't get up the steps. The weatherization crew came in and done more than we could ever imagine to help. They caulked windows and covered them with plastic, they blew insulation into both floors, they replaced the ceiling in the back of the house, they installed smoke detectors, radon detector, fixed the back door that would not close correctly and many other numerous things to help alleviate the high cost of heating and cooling his house.
We never in our fondest dreams thought there was a program that would do all the things they done to the house plus make an 81 year old gentlemen feel so comfortable while they were doing their job. Uncle had nothing but very high praises for the whole team who shared him home with him for a couple of weeks and worked so hard and steady with a smile everyday. We feel so blessed to have a program like this in our county and can't THANK YOU enough for all they have done to make being inside the house all day everyday a lot nicer place to be for an older gentleman who doesn't get out hardly at all. Thanks to everyone who helped in every way possible.

From an Anderson County resident: I want to say a special thank you for getting us a new refrigerator and a new roof on our house. My husband only got to see it two weeks before he passed away, but you gave him peace of mind. He had been so worried about our roof and not being able to fix it himself anymore. We were both so happy. It made losing him less painful, because he was no longer as worried about leaving me with this big problem. Thank you for being there when we really needed help.

To the Weatherization Department from Franklin County Community Developers Office:
I wanted to let you know that I just spoke with our client. She had applied for weatherization services in May, an said you all were out at her home now working on it. She was so pleased and wanted to thank me for taking her application and tell me what all you had done and how nice and polite everyone was to her. She is really excited about getting her new refrigerator and said she never dreamed that she would get that or be able to get all of the work done that you all were doing for her. She is a very happy lady today and I wanted to share this with you. You have helped her out a lot.

From a Franklin County resident: We signed up and qualified, they came in January. We were so thankful for the new stove, doors, insulation, etc.The people that did the work were fantastic, they were polite, efficient and knowledgeable about what they were doing. We are immensely grateful and thankful for everything.